Wolf Flow Strategies - We help businesses attract more customers.
We help businesses attract more customers.


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We help you attract customers that want what you sell.


Step 1 - discovery - week 1

The first step in the process is to sit down with you and talk about what is important to your business; what you imagine when you think of the perfect website. Through our discovery process, we will capture what is important, identifying the core value of your brand and begin building the website. Throughout the whole process, it will be a collaborative effort, with us meeting a multiple times across the week to ensure it is exactly how you imagined.

step 2 - execution - week 2

Once your website is complete we will begin building out your other business profiles. Through market research, we have learned that it takes an average of 5-7 brand impressions before someone will recognize your brand. We will use our knowledge to determine what channels will get you the best results. Please see below for all available channels we operate in. We will build those out accordingly and across the week it will be a collaborative process.

step 3 - long-term strategy

At the end of our 10 day rebuild, comes the fun part. We now have successfully cultivated your online presence and created an experience for your clients and potential clients that they will love. Now we have to get those eyes on your brand new pages. We will meet at the end of the rebuild and then set forth a long-term engagement plan to reach more clients and generate more customers for you. For a monthly retainer, we are a full service firm that will execute on the engagement strategy so you don’t even have to think about it, creating a perfect solution for your business.


Are you ready to evolve your business?

Your website

Nowadays, everyone uses the internet to find what they are looking for. A haircut, a plumber, what to eat for dinner tonight, we turn to the internet to find a place. We work to set your brand above the competition, to ensure your consumers know who YOU are.


As the Internet continues to grow, it is increasingly important to get your business online. When Google My Business is setup, it allows a business to show in their local area with ease, transforming the process that customers now take in finding the information, product or service they require.


The way people consume information is constantly evolving, but as of 2018 Facebook has 2.23 BILLION active users each month and Instagram has over 1 BILLION. Their use has become a staple in society, so we take our knowledge to help you engage with these consumers.

Text/email marketing

Text/email marketing presents more opportunities for your business and drives a better return on investment. With email marketing, your business can create deeper relationships with a wider audience and constant brand awareness with a large scale distribution system.

SEO/keyword research

Businesses that have a SEO optimized website bring MORE customers and grow as twice as fast than those who do not. SEO is probably the most efficient marketing strategy that exists today, and it will only bring in customers who are actively seeking to find your product or service!


Often times, I will find that businesses lack consistent branding across all platforms. A name and a logo is a great start, but the benefit of expanding across social platforms, business cards, uniforms, etc., has priceless benefits in creating a constant brand awareness.

data analytics

Pretty straightforward here. What is a strategy without the numbers? We are constantly checking and double checking the numbers to ensure the strategy we have in place to reach more of your targeted audience is working as it should. We take that information and evolve our plan accordingly.

e-commerce/amazon (additional fees apply)

Do you sell physical products? Do you rely solely on customers coming in to purchase them? With a well built e-commerce plan, you will take advantage of Amazon’s vast customer base as well as your own regular clients, allowing people to make purchases from Amazon or your website.


Yelp had a monthly average of over 100 million unique visitors in 2018. Yelp is a community that has a mission to connect people with great local businesses, and thats exactly what it does. It is one of the many channels people turn to when they are unsure of where to go.


3 steps simplified:

  1. identify what is important to your business, what you want people to know about YOU

  2. convey those messages across various online platforms, all built to optimize engagement

  3. plan and execute on an engagement strategy to reach your target clients and grow your digital footprint