Wolf Flow Strategies - We help businesses attract more customers.
We help businesses attract more customers.


We help businesses attract more customers.


How do we do it?

You are starting a new business and you need a website, a Facebook page, or want to set up an email list, and don’t have a clue about marketing. Maybe you have tried to hire someone before or maybe you tried your hand at building your own website. It probably isn’t as easy as you thought, especially when you are working on building your business.

We know what it takes to run the day to day of your business, and how much that can consume you. That leaves little to no time to even think about your online presence and how to reach more consumers who want what you sell.

Is your current advertising strategy word of mouth? There are customers online every day searching for what you provide, that you have no access to; what if I told you that you could have access to an infinite amount of customers? 83% of consumers reported that having a website and using social media was a factor considered highly important when choosing a small business.

The reality is that you are too busy to worry about this, so we have created a solution to help you bring more customers to your business.


First, we take this overwhelming process of building your online presence, and make it painless and easy for you.

Your website

Text/email marketing

data analytics


e-commerce/amazon (additional fees apply)

SEO/Keyword Research




Second, we build a strategy for your business to attract the customers who want what you sell, and manage the WHOLE thing from our end.

Up to this point, we will have created a beautiful online presence that you can be proud of, so when people ask for your website you can shout, “It’s insertyourwebsite.com! Go check it out!'“ But the goal isn’t only to drive traffic that way, as people might start to find that shouting your website at them isn’t going to do the trick. This is where we step in. We have created a solution to reach the customers you currently don’t have access to.

One might think that a rejuvenated online presence would be all that is needed, well the truth is that it requires much more leg work than that. For a monthly retainer, Wolf Flow Strategies manages all aspects of your online presence to ensure you have success reaching these customers.



This chart represents an average of how many people are searching for businesses just like yours every day.

Are you wondering how to reach them? Wolf Flow Strategies has created a solution to bring these customers to you.

Data is pulled daily from Google Trends. The numbers are accurate and up to date.

The purpose of the flow is to keep on flowing, not looking for a peak or utopia but staying in the flow. It is not a moving up but a continuous flowing; you move up to keep the flow going.
— Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Author of, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience


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